Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970s (4)

Realizing, after one day of having to spend the whole day sitting next to this ex-colonel in his real estate office, that the job represented an even more intense form of 9-to-5 wage slavery than spending 9-to-5 either doing clerical work or typing up letters--which at least made the time of enslavement go by more rapidly each day when you were busy and at least enabled you to sit at a desk alone, where you weren't compelled to listen to the boss talking next to you for 7 hours a day--I did not return for "work" at this real estate office on the following day. Or ever again, although I still could have used the money.

The Midtown Manhattan employment/fleshpeddling/placement agency soon sent me a note in which it billed me for a placement fee, because I had not remained at the job for at least 3 months, which I ignored. But the employment agency then apparently subsequently arranged for the ex-colonel's accountant to mail it a check that equaled what was due me for a day's work as a "clerk-typist" at the real estate office; and it apparently then pocketed the check for itself in lieu of the 'fee" they had billed me for, since no paycheck for the day's work and no further placement fee billing note was ever mailed to me.