Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (19)

While working at Korvette's department store temporarily during the Christmas season, I would sometimes stop off at the Queensborough Community College library after my shift ended in the early afternoon; and spend a few hours there browsing or reading there some of the college library books that I was not able to take out of the library, since I wasn't a college student anymore, before heading back home. It was there that I read an autobiography by a New York City African-American activist whose original name was Sonny Carson, for example.

Because Queensborough Community College had been a two-year commuter school for the generally less intellectual working-class and middle-class college students whose high school grades average were too low to gain admittance to the CUNY commuter 4-year colleges like Queens College, Brooklyn College, CCNY, Lehman College and Hunter College (that had been more selective in the pre-open admissions era of the 1960's), few Queensborough Community College students appeared to ever spend anytime in the school's library during late November and December.