Sunday, September 6, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (39)

About five months after I moved into the Jamaica basement apartment as his roommate, Barry decided--since he was getting bored with his dead end job as a delivery truck driver in the States, felt his economic opportunities in the post-affluent U.S. economy of the 1970's were limited, and was also not involved sexually with any "chick" in the USA and no longer had any U.S. "chicks" in his "bull pen"--that he was going to join his father and live in Israel/Palestine again, despite having previously felt somewhat culturally alienated from most Israeli youths during his previous time living in Tel Aviv. And after Barry moved from Queens to Israel/Palestine again (although unlike many Palestinians who could not move back to Israel/Palestine despite being born there, Barry had been born in the USA), I was able to live in the Jamaica basement apartment for about five more months without having to share the space with any male chauvinist roommate.

During most of the time when I had the Jamaica basement apartment to myself, I obtained my rent money by working as a temporary clerk-typist in a travel season job with the Council on International Educational Exchange [CIEE] in Midtown Manhattan, which was then located in a building that was about 9 or 10 stories high, about a block from the United Nations Building in UN Plaza.

The personnel manager in charge of hiring the temporary travel season clerical and clerk-typist office workers at CIEE in the 1970's was an elderly white woman with white hair,  who appeared to be her early 60's. Despite being culturally straight-looking and dressed up when she went to work, she seemed to be liberal and somewhat intellectual. When interviewing me for the CIEE temporary clerk-typist position, she sounded like someone who had been college-educated  in the 1930's at one of the elite women's colleges, like Radcliffe, Wellesley or Smith College.