Monday, July 20, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (29)

Eventually, I left my Parts Department shipping clerk-typist job at Bulova when I found a more interesting travel season long-term temporary clerk-typist job in Manhattan with the Council on International Educational Exchange [CIEE]. Aside from Walter and, in part, Claudia, none of the other workers I met at Bulova seemed to be on the same cultural and philosophical wavelength enough with me for me to feel I would ever have much to talk about with them--once the initial novelty of them listening to my "outsider" philosophical post-scarcity hippy/freak rap/counter-cultural critique of their work situation started to wear off.

The guys in their 20's who worked in the larger upstairs mail room/shipping department room, who had all never attended college, did start to grumble a bit when the office managers below and above them initially installed surveillance cameras in the larger mail room/shipping department room, to insure that they all spent each minute there working--on the pretext that "stealing" of some Bulova clocks and Bulova watches by employees had been discovered during an inventory and surveillance cameras were required to prevent such "theft". But since they lacked a union to protect them from any managerial disciplinary action, it still seemed unlikely that their grumbling meant that they would be able or willing to risk losing their jobs by protesting more openly and collectively or by engaging in some kind of job action/labor protest action.