Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (79)

Although Barry had mentioned having had "a chick" while in college that he had split up with eventually, it wasn't until near the end of the time I roomed with him in the Jamaica basement apartment that he brought home a "chick" who spent a night there with him; apparently someone Barry had also previously dated during his college days.

She was about the same height as Barry, had long, straight black hair, wore  jeans and had a face and figure that most men in the 1970's would have considered physically attractive. Yet despite her somewhat hip-looking surface appearance, she didn't seem that hip intellectually or counter-cultural in her value-structure.

To interest her initially in going out on a date with him again, Barry had to agree to find a blind date for her friend, another woman in her early 20's who, unlike Barry's womanfriend, didn't wear jeans and would not have been considered physically attractive by either most culturally straight men or most hip, counter-culture-oriented men in the 1970's. So that's why Barry pushed me into "helping him out" by agreeing to be the "blind date" that the "chick" he was trying to "score" with was requesting that he also provide to go out with them. And, as a favor to Barry, I got into his van with him one night when he wasn't working at the Queens College student union building, because of the Christmas season school break, and he drove us both to the Queens apartment of the parents of my blind date, to pick up both Barry's date and my blind date.

Once we got there, the parents of my blind date examined Barry and me and reminded us to bring their daughter home before midnight. I no longer recall where we went immediately afterwards with Barry's date and my blind date after we left the parents' apartment; probably to some restaurant for dinner. But I do remember that both my blind date and I quickly concluded after talking with each other in the back seat of Barry's van that we were neither physically attracted to each other or had any common interests.

She seemed to be interested in the 1970's in just finding a straight, conventional, religiously conservative Jewish middle-class professional man--perhaps an accountant, lawyer or medical doctor--who wanted to get married, have children and make a lot of money--which, I, obviously, wasn't. And, in turn, I didn't feel that she was on the same wavelength as me philosophically or intellectually enough for me to want to date her again, even if her surface physical appearance had, in fact, resembled that of Barry's date more.

Eventually, Barry drove us all back to our basement apartment in Jamaica, where he spent abut a half-hour in his bedroom making out with his date, while my blind date and I awkwardly attempted to make conversation in the living room, before Barry and I drove both his date and my blind date back to each of their parents' apartments, in which they each still lived.

But the next night, Barry was able to go on another date with his date, without being required to drag me along as a blind date for his date's friend, like on the previous night. And after his second date with her, Barry brought her home to the basement apartment and apparently "scored," since she was now willing to spend the whole night sleeping and making love with him in his bedroom.

The following morning, however, Barry's new "chick" and sexual conquest was first crying and then screaming at Barry for awhile, before Barry was able to temporarily quiet her down and then drive her back home to her parents' apartment.

Apparently Barry had been able to "score" with his new "chick" the previous night because she had assumed that he had agreed that they were now "a couple" and that he would start looking, with her, for a fancier apartment in Queens in which they would now live together.

But once they awoke the next morning, Barry apparently denied that he had ever promised to live with her in a fancier apartment or solely sleep with her; and his new "chick" and sexual conquest, predictably, felt disappointed, betrayed and sexually exploited. Hence, the tears and the screaming. And also, predictably, Barry then decided he would have to "go to his bull-pen again" and try to find another "chick" he knew from his college days, in order to make another "score"/sexual conquest, rather than have to deal with another scene with the "chick" who had been screaming at him.