Thursday, August 4, 2016

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (67)

Since the weather was nice outside, however, I decided to spend that Saturday afternoon outside, enjoying the fresh Fall air and walking around Queens. And near the end of the afternoon, as I walked on the sidewalk along the Long Island Expressway service road, I was approached on the street by a white woman who looked like she was still just a junior or senior in high school.

"Wanna buy a tab of acid for 5 dollars?" she asked me, apparently because I was then long-haired, bearded and looked like a freak.

"Sure," I replied. Then, after I took my wallet out of my pocket and handed her a 5 dollar bill, the white high school woman student gave me a tab of acid in exchange; and then she quickly started to walk ahead in the direction opposite from the direction I was walking.

Apparently she was more interested in finding other freak customers on the streets of Queens to sell her tabs to than wasting anymore of her time finding out what I might be into, besides also being into dropping acid like she was. But, although I was somewhat attracted to her physically and might have been interested in getting to know her better, because she also seemed a little too young at that time for me to consider getting involved with romantically, I wasn't that disappointed when she walked away from me in search of other customers. So I just shrugged and also continued my own walk in the opposite direction for a block or two before swallowing the tab of acid.