Thursday, March 12, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (16)

During the workday at Korvette's department store most of my time was spent either bringing stuff that the" habo" department sold from the room in the back to the shelves in the store which the Korvette customers thumbed through and messed up, straightening up the shelves with the goods that the Korvette customers had messed up, answering the inquiries of customers who came to the Korvette's "habo" department and putting all the "habo" goods they had purchased into paper bags--after the customers gave their money, charge account cards or credit cards to the department's cashier.

Because I had never been into clothes and knew nothing about haberdashery fashion, I wasn't much help to the customers who asked for my advice about what goods might be fashionable to buy at Korvette's. It probably would have made more sense for the Korvette's personnel department to assign me to work in the Korvette's vinyl records or book department in the 1970's, since I knew much more about those goods in the 1970's than I would ever know about clothing or "habo" goods. But I guess by the time I was hired for the Christmas season, the Christmas season temp job slots in Korvette's vinyl records or book departments had already been filled.