Monday, January 11, 2016

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (51)

After Barry moved from Queens to Israel/Palestine again, I inherited his prime tenancy possition in the basement apartment in Jamaica. And I decided to not immediately seek a roommate to pay the half of the apartment rent that Barry had been paying, although this meant that my monthly rent for the basement apartment would now be about $150 per month; or about double what I had been paying when I shared the apartment with Barry.

But the monthly wage that I was getting from my Council on International Educational Exchange [C.I.E.E.] travel season job provided enough money per month to pay the monthly rent alone, given how little I tended to spend on food, consumer goods or entertainment in the 1970's; and given the fact that I saved a lot of money by not owning a car (and, in the 1970's, not even having a driver's license).

It was in the Jamaica basement apartment that, after Barry had moved out, I wrote the first version in the 1970's of the "Richard Farina Is Gone" eulogistic folk song and folk songs inspired by Joan Baez's life up to that time, like "Joan Baez's Song," "Woman Inspired" and "Wise Woman" (a folk love song whose lyrics and melody I now no longer remember).