Monday, March 16, 2015

Queens County Revisited: The 1970's (18)

There was one woman co-worker in her 20's who worked in a different department, whom I noticed in the backroom where all the Korvette's department store workers punched their cards in the time clock, whose physical beauty attracted me. But despite expressing my romantic desire to get to know her by writing a folk song with poetic lyrics that reflected my sexual longing for her in the middle of another Christmas season, an opportunity to get to know her or speak with her within the Korvette's store never developed, since the store department in which she worked was on the other side of the store.

It was also around this time that I wrote the melody and original lyrics to the "Perhaps" folk love song, whose lyrics I later rewrote in the early 1990's, including the following lyrics:

"Perhaps it's your spirit
Perhaps it's your eyes
Perhaps it's your passion
But I'm in love with you.

"Perhaps it's your beauty
Perhaps it's your hair
Perhaps it's your strength
But I'm in love with you.

"Like the sun that's shining
Like a light that does glow
Like the people revolting
Like a flower that blooms.

"Perhaps it's your smile
Perhaps it's your wit
Perhaps it's your wisdom
But I'm in love with you.

"Perhaps it's your daring
Perhaps it's your cause
Perhaps it's your toughness
But I'm in love with you.

"Like a slave escaping
Like a released prisoner
Like a youthful dreamer
Like a twinkling star.

"Perhaps when you're lonely
You'll come visit me
Perhaps I am weary
But I'm in love with you.

"Perhaps you'll remember
The years long ago
Perhaps you'll discover
That I'm in love with you.

Like a joyful vision
Like a rainbow across the sky
Like two children playing
Like a pleasure that never dies."

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